Setup Your Linksys router

How to set up your Gigaclear powered by Linksys router


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Activating your Gigaclear connection

Step 1

1. Search for and download the ‘Linksys App’ to your mobile device. Open the Linksys App and create an account using your email address.


Step 2

2. If you have an existing wall-mounted Gigaclear router (Pictured in step 4) please call Customer Operations on 01865 591131 and request that your service be ‘bridged’ to complete your router upgrade. DO NOT proceed until you have called Customer Operations. If your wall-mounted unit resembles the image on the right, please go to Step 5.


Steps 3 - 5

3. Bridging will take between 5 minutes to half an hour, the agent will advise you on the phone. You may see the lights go off on the wall unit at certain points.

4. After waiting for the half hour to elapse, ensure the wall-mounted Genexis router (right) is powered on, that it has lights beside the power symbol and the connection symbol < > , and that the WiFi light is off.

5. Turn the wall-mounted unit off and on again. Wait 5 minutes.


Steps 6 - 9

6. Plug the Linksys router into the mains using the power adapter.

7. Plug the router ethernet cable from the Gigaclear powered by Linksys router carefully and securely into LAN1 on the wall-mounted unit. Ensure that the on wall-mounted unit it is plugged into the furthest port to the left. Only LAN1 will function, LAN2-4 will be inactive. Connect these two ports with supplied router ethernet cable. On the Velop - this will be the marked port.

8. Turn the Gigaclear powered by Linksys router ON, with the switch is on the underside.

9. The LED in the top corner of the router should start flashing. This might take up to 5 minutes. As soon as the LED is SOLID BLUE it is ready for you to connect your mobile device. The WiFi Username and Password can be found on the bottom of the router.


Step 10

10. Open the Linksys App. Log in, then add the Gigaclear powered by Linksys router to your account and the app will take you through the final set up process.

How to set up the Linksys App and node: Go to manage WiFi, Log in. The app will offer an option to connect to a router that’s not currently on the account. This is where you would add the node to your account. To do this you put in the password placed under the node.

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