Using the Linksys App

Search and download the ‘Linksys App’ to your mobile device.

Download for iOS  |  Download for Android


  1. Open the 'Linksys App' and follow the 'Setup Wizard'.
  2. Connect the primary Gigaclear powered by Linksys router to the Internal Connection Point using the provided ethernet cable, inserting the cable into port LAN1.
  3. Check that the Internal Connection Point is powered ON. Look on the side of the Internal Connection Point to see if there are two green LEDS showing above WAN and POWER.
  4. Using the provided power adaptor, plug the primary router into an electrical socket. To turn the primary router on, find the power switch at the base of the device. The LED on top of the primary router should now be flashing BLUE.
  5. Wait approximately two minutes for the flashing BLUE LED to turn solid BLUE. You are now connected to your Gigaclear powered by Linksys router.


Manual Setup (Without using the Linksys App)

Follow steps 1-5 from above.

Manual Step: You are now able to connect to the primary router using the WIFI NAME and PASSWORD on the underside of the primary router.



Setup Smart WiFi

Can I get Gigaclear?

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