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Repairs and replacements

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How much do repairs and replacements cost?


As the customer, you are responsible for the part of the network than runs from the boundary of your property, across your private land and into your premises - up to and including the router we provide. This router remains the property of Gigaclear, as shown within our Terms and Conditions. If a Gigaclear component - for example the router - is found to be faulty, we will sort this out for you free of charge including no call-out charge. 

But for all other cases of damage, including damage to the cables, the router and any other components installed at your home, there is a cost for the repair as shown on the table below. It is based on the current tariffs for labour and materials used.


Please call our Customer Care Team on 01865 591131 to discuss your repair so we can advise you on any possible charges involved. If the cost of repair exceeds a call-out charge, a quote for the repair work and materials will be provided to you to approve before any work starts.


If faults reported by you and then investigated on-site by a technician are found to be not with Gigaclear equipment but with your own setup or equipment, then a call-out charge will be invoiced to you.

The customer (or an authorised signatory over 18 years old) must be present at the time of the repair appointment, otherwise the technician may have to come back and this would incur an additional call-out charge.


 Price (exc. VAT)Price (inc. VAT)
Non Returned Gigaclear Home Phone Adaptor (ATA)  
Gigaclear Home Phone adaptor£40£50
Non Returned On Demand TV Device  
Netgem HD TV Box£88£110
Netgem 4K TB Box£112£140
Non Returned WiFi Router  
Gigaclear Powered by Linksys WiFi Router£100£120
WiFi Router Replacement  
Gigaclear Powered by Linksys WiFi Router£100£120
Call-out Charge (fixed minimum charge per on-site visit)  
Call-out Charge (business hours)£100£120
Emergency Call-out Charge (outside of business hours)£160£192
Labour Charge (additional time required to complete work)  
Hourly rate (business hours)£50£60
Emergency hourly rate (outside of business hours)£80£96
Charge for parts (as used to complete work)  
Titanium router£150£180
Titanium router wall plate£10£12
Titanium router element£45£54
Titanium router power supply£15£18
DRG router£150£180
DRG router wall plate£15£18
DRG router power supply£25£30
Simplex Black OSP Drop cable, G657, 4.5mm, (short boot) 10m£20£24
Simplex Black OSP Drop cable, G657, 4.5mm, (short boot) 15m£25£30
Simplex Black OSP Drop cable, G657, 4.5mm, (short boot) 25m£30£36
Simplex Black OSP Drop cable, G657, 4.5mm, (short boot) 35m£35£42
Simplex Black OSP Drop cable, G657, 4.5mm, (short boot) 50m£50£60
Simplex Black OSP Drop cable, G657, 4.5mm, (short boot) 75m£75£90
Simplex Black OSP Drop cable, G657, 4.5mm, (short boot) 100m£95£114
Lead In Kit – including Internal and External lead-in covers£10£12
Micro Closure£15£18
Additional Services  
Internal white cable kit£29.17£35
Internal cable run over 3m£70.38£85
Post installation router relocation£83.33£100
Vodafone 4G Router’£600£720
TP-Link 4G Router£166.67 £200
Non Returned Home Phone Equipment  
Phone Adaptor£41.67£50
Battery backup unit£20.83£25