Warp speed full fibre broadband up to 19x faster than standard fibre. Perfect for homes with multiple devices, streaming your favourite entertainment, and working from home like a boss.

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Out of this world speeds

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All our packages have free standard installation, no connection fees. These prices are applicable to new Gigaclear customers only. If you are an existing customer and would like to discuss your options please call our Customer Loyalty Team on 01865 591 131.  
† Average broadband speed, achievable by at least 50% of users on a wired connection at peak times. WiFi speeds may vary. Advertised speeds are achievable with a wired connection. *Please click for full Terms and Conditions

Saving claim based on an 18-month contract - BT Fibre 2 £31.99 x 18 = £575.82, Gigaclear Superfast 200 £17 x 18 = £306, £575.82 - £306 = £269.82. Please note the £269 saving claim refers to the BT Fibre 2 priced at £31.99. Prices correct as of 14/7/2022 as published on

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Price Freeze

We guarantee that we’ll freeze our prices until October 2023 when you order any of these packages. ^

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^ Price Freeze –the advertised monthly prices will not increase in 2022 but on or after the 1st October every year from October 2023 we’ll increase the monthly price of your broadband Service by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) published by the Office for National Statistics in July of that year plus 3.5%. See our CPI guide for details at

See how we
compare on speeds

  Sky Superfast
Fibre 2
Talk Talk
Fibre 65
Superfast 200 Ultrafast 300 Ultrafast 600 Hyperfast 900
Average download speed 59 Mbps 67 Mbps 67 Mbps 200 Mbps 300 Mbps 600 Mbps 830 Mbps
Average upload speed 16 Mbps 19 Mbps 18 Mbps 200 Mbps 300 Mbps 600 Mbps 830 Mbps
Monthly price during contract £30.50 £30.99 £25 £17 £20 £26 £49
Minimum commitment period 18 Months 24 Months 24 Months 18 Months 18 Months 18 months 18 Months

The speeds we’re comparing above are our competitors Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) connections widely available to respective providers’ customers against Gigaclear’s Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). Please bear in mind that some of our competitors do also offer FTTP packages, but they’re only available to a limited group of their customers. Speed claims based on average download speeds. Gigaclear average speed claims based on a hard-wired connection. Information correct as of 14/07/2022.




Powered by Gigaclear full fibre

We’ve partnered with Sky TV to offer you unmissable entertainment with some serious rocket fuel – full fibre broadband!

Sky Glass is the only TV with Sky inside. You can stream every channel, show and app over WiFi. No dish. No box. No fuss. Use with Gigaclear broadband to completely transform your entertainment experience, you can stream and download all you want, whenever you want. No interruption. No bickering over buffering.

To get your Sky TV package, just complete your Gigaclear broadband order and you'll then receive a link via email.

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No old copper wires, or fibre stopping at the cabinet down the road. We run full fibre into your home, so you get seriously fast speeds unaffected by distance or number of users.
So up to 19x faster download and up to 84x faster upload speeds than standard fibre. ~

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The need for speed

Faster broadband speeds means more of your family can be online all at the same time with no interruptions. Listen to Spotify, play Fortnite, order Deliveroo, seamlessly join conference calls from home and watch Netflix. With our ultrafast speeds, we’ll be your wingman anytime.

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Do you know your
uploads from your downloads?

Once it was only about downloading data, but now uploading data is just as important, and our full fibre is ultrafast at both - whether it be video calling, gaming, sharing or uploading files to the cloud.

is easy

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    Choose your package
    Pick the speed and plan that suits you
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    Choose your installation date at checkout
  • Step 3
    Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy
    We’ll take care of getting you connected

WiFi coverage

Our high-end Smart Wifi Mesh technology gives you a more powerful WiFi performance and reaches the parts of the home that a more basic router can not.

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Reviews from

5 stars: Excellent

Fastest speed I've ever had

"If you can get Gigaclear do not hesitate it simply is the best there is."

- John Toomey

5 stars: Excellent

very fast and very reliable.

"We have had Gigaclear from the first day it was available in our village. It has been proven to be both very fast and very reliable."

- Chillie

5 stars: Excellent

Excellent service provider

"Excellent service provider - the only one we have found where the speed quoted is the one you get - a properly dimensioned network with very good customer service. highly recommended."

- John

5 stars: Excellent

Great service and competitive prices

"Great service and competitive prices. Glad I'm no longer bound to having a BT phone line."

- Mr Chris Price

5 stars: Excellent


"When installing to my home the team of 3 were absolutely superb, lifted up the bricked driveway to put the fibre underneath and then ran the fibre over the garage to my room for the main router, EXACTLY what we wanted. You cannot tell the driveway has been touched at all...I really can't recommend them highly enough."

- Sue Norman

5 stars: Excellent

Can't believe the vast improvement.

"Can't believe the vast improvement from our previous provider (BT) Many thanks"

- Dave Radbourne

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19x faster claim - comparison: average hardwired download speed of Gigaclear Ultrafast 900Mbps (830Mbps avg upload/download) vs standard Fibre (42.6Mbps median average; Ofcom UK Home Broadband Report, published 9th September 2021). Fibre to the Cabinet broadband (FTTC) is the standard fi bre service available to the majority of the UK (circa. 96%; Connected Nations 2020: UK report (, published 17 December 2020).

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