Gigaclear wholesale providers can sell broadband and other service packages over the Gigaclear fibre network. Your contract will be with the provider that you choose.

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About Exa Networks

Exa is a multi-award winning ISP. Now in its 12th year of providing schools and businesses nationwide with award winning internet connectivity, email, content filtering and multi-award winning customer support.

Unlike the majority of ISPs in the UK which cater firstly to the home user market; Exa does not supply to the residential market at all; and we have used our decades of experience to make sure all of our products, services, network & support were designed in-house from the ground up to meet and surpass the specific requirements of today’s educational and business organisations.

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About IDNet

Discerning Gigaclear customers will want a high performance ISP to make the most of those incredible Gbps speeds. With IDNet your voice and data traffic will travel first class. Established in 1996 and Ofcom registered, we’re independently rated as one of the fastest, most resilient, and best supported ISPs in the UK. In fact, we consistently beat BT, Virgin Media, Sky, O2 Plusnet and Talk Talk for satisfaction, reliability and customer service.

So how do we take on and beat the big boys? For a start, we don’t oversubscribe our network. We don’t do Network Contention, Traffic Shaping, Bandwidth Throttling, Port Blocking or any other trickery that slows you down. We just give you incredible speeds all backed up with free 24/7 UK based technical support.

If you’re a techie, you’ll want to know that our advanced network already supports IPv6 and MPLS. But if that doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry. Just be reassured that we’re already using the internet protocols of the future, putting us way ahead of most providers.

Our service is optimised for business and enterprise customers. But if you’re a power home user, perhaps running a small business or having to regularly work from home, we have some very keenly priced voice and data package options.

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About amatis

amatis is based in the Thames valley and close to the heart of the Gigaclear operation. amatis is a business focussed Internet Service Provider with an award winning UK wide network and running a number of its own data centres in the UK, providing Private Cloud solutions.

Our network, as you would expect is resilient and able to provide IPv6 , QoS, MPLS and all the 9's uptime.

If you want a no nonsense approach to quality, technical support and customer service then please give us a call.

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About Agnito

Agnito are an experienced and established technology company, serving businesses and homes throughout Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. We offer a full service of consultancy, design, supply and on-going support for your IT and Audio Visual systems. Whether you have a business that needs a full time IT service, or a home office that needs an efficient and reliable internet service. We cover them all.

Agnito have been providing Internet connectivity solutions to rural homes and business for over 13 years, and continue to advise clients on the best available technologies. With the exciting rollout of Gigaclear’s Ultra High Speed Internet Services to areas that have previously experienced very poor internet speeds we are working closely with our clients to help seamlessly transfer them to Gigaclear’s Ultra-Fast services.

For more information on how we can help you please contact our team, We look forward to transforming your Internet experience

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About RM Education

We make Technology work for your teaching and learning needs.

RM Education is the UK’s leading educational ISP and a member of the Internet Service Providers Association. we understand the unique way in which the Internet is used in schools and the impact it has on teaching and learning as well as the distinctive systems, services and processes that are used within the school environment.

We’re already the trusted supplier for thousands of schools and have been providing fast, resilient broadband services for over 16 years. We know that every school is different, so we have a comprehensive range of connectivity solutions to suit every school. Our broadband solutions are specifically designed to suit the unique needs of the education sector.

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About Cotswold Wireless

Cotswold Wireless was established in 2004 and since then have been delivering high speed broadband across the Cotswolds and beyond. We are really excited to partner with Gigaclear as Ultrafast Fibre represents the final piece in the rural broadband jigsaw puzzle.

We operate a resilient network, free of traffic shaping and other encumbrances, to deliver you the best possible broadband experience, now all the way up to 1Gbps.

We look after all our customers individually and know them by name. We want our after-sales service to be a breath of fresh air compared to the support you get from large, national providers, which is why many of our customers have stayed loyal to us from the very beginning.

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About Orion is an established wireless ISP specialising in providing fast internet to rural and hard-to-reach locations. Our network and 4G products enable us to respond quickly and provide service to customers who require practical speeds and the low latency not normally available in out of town locations.

We aim to provide practical and economic high-speed internet to customers who will ultimately want fibre to the premises, but who need workable links now.

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We are actively looking for wholesale ISP's to join our network. If you would like to find out more information please email

Alternatively, you may wish to connect and sell over the Gigaclear network using the FluidOne Service Exchange platform, contact FluidOne on 0845 868 7848