Step into the light together

Can my community become a Gigaclear community?

Most UK homeowners would love us to deliver up to 900Mbps ultrafast and reliable fibre optic broadband direct to their properties. However, Gigaclear is only available to rural communities and as part of an agreed community wide project. If you can answer ‘yes’ to our 3 simple questions, you (and your neighbours) may be able to get Gigaclear. Check your eligibility now.

Our investment in funding and building new networks is based on demand and eligibility. Each new community, once qualified, must meet a minimum sign-up level to be eligible for Gigaclear (note, we don’t take any money from anyone until the service is installed and working). We will work with you and your community, ideally with a community broadband group, to measure the level of interest and assess your eligibility. This ensures that the investment made is the right one for Gigaclear and your community.

To make the process even easier we host community events and campaigns, where we answer any questions about the build, the technology, how it works and what the impact will be in your area. We are honest and open in all our communications, so you can sign up with confidence to our service, and trust us to transform your community into one of the best connected in the country.

And, with over 25 villages already enjoying our ultrafast fibre broadband and another 50 in the process of installation and development this year – along with more than double that planned for next – we are confident that Gigaclear is an easy choice for your community to make.