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Video Case Studies

Customer Case Studies

Steve - Picture this, from 14-hour uploads to instant images

Steve's passion for wildlife photography was becoming a problem for his wife - not because of the time he spent studying his favourite subjects, but because of the amount of bandwidth his uploading would consume. Any plans that she had to stream her favourite programmes would be interrupted by buffering as their broadband struggled to upload Steve's files to his cloud backup.

"HD photos are typically around 30/40Mb each," explains Steve, "and our old bandwidth couldn't cope – it once took me 14 hours to save my pictures to Dropbox!"

Since the introduction of Gigaclear, Steve can back up his photos almost immediately and he and his wife have a more harmonious household.

"Gigaclear's service is great," says Steve, "I can code, use OneDrive, stream music and watch tv at the same time without interfering with what my wife wants to do online."

Nicholas - Walking towards a faster online future

For keen walker Nicholas, rural life was losing some of its charm. An ancient aluminium telephone line meant access to the internet was painfully slow and bad weather could lead to days without any connection at all – effectively cutting him and his wife off from the rest of the world.

With even basic phone connectivity proving unreliable, services like iPlayer and Spotify were entirely out of the question and his Smart TV was anything but "smart".

"When Gigaclear presented to our village," says Nicholas, "it became utterly obvious that their service was right for us."

The results have been significant – as Nicholas explains: "We can now bank, shop and use streaming services. The pleasure of it really is the speed - if you want a piece of information you can get it almost instantly."

It's also allowed Nicholas and his walking group to venture further afield: "When I want to download a map for my walking group, it takes seconds – not all night. Thanks to Gigaclear we're getting 4x the maximum speeds that other providers could offer us, we definitely made the right decision."

Sharon - A broadband story with a very happy ending

Sharon is an avid reader with a keen interest in current affairs. She is also registered blind. Sharon's sight loss meant that her reading options were extremely limited – until Gigaclear put her back in control. Here's how Sharon describes her story:

"One of the things I really missed after losing my sight was reading the newspaper, now I can download it to my iPad where I can enlarge the text to read news stories as well as do the crossword and Sudoku. My reading list has changed too – I've gone from big, heavy braille books that are a few years behind to downloading the latest releases to my Kindle and discussing them with my book club."

And it's not just reading that's been transformed for Sharon, life in general has got easier too:

"When you lose your sight, you feel as though everything is being taken away from you one at a time. Gigaclear is giving a lot of those things back – it really has changed my life."

Graham - From "Not-flix" to Netflix, embracing online entertainment

Internet access before Gigaclear was, to quote Graham, "pretty awful". "The best broadband speed we achieved was 1.6mpbs and our upload speed never even got close to 1mbps."

For Graham and his wife this mean that streaming services such as Netflix were impossible to access and when their children came to visit there was no chance of anyone connecting to the internet. "I did once create a playlist on Spotify," explains Graham, "but had to abandon it because we just couldn't connect to it reliably enough to play anything."

Since installing Gigaclear, Graham and his wife have completely embraced online entertainment, with Netflix proving a particular favourite. "We've now got access to a spectrum of entertainment we could have only dreamed of before. Since connecting to Gigaclear, we've finally caught up with the rest of the world and have just finished Breaking Bad!".

Andrew - The best connected office is at home

The broadband connection in Andrew's home used to be like gold dust. Between him, his wife and their two children, it would be a scramble to see who could get online first.

"I think the best speed we ever achieved was 5mbps," explains Andrew, "so if I wanted to work from home, it would be touch and go as to whether I would be able to connect to the VPN."

With Gigaclear in place, Andrew has a new-found flexibility. Our home network now has 10x the capacity of my office network. The upload speeds we achieve make it easy to use SharePoint and Skype for Business, so I can work from home and be as productive, if not more productive, than being in the office."

The whole family is happier too – now the scramble isn't for who gets to be online, it's who gets to choose what film to stream for their Friday "Movie Night".

Charlotte - Down with the kids, broadband brings tech to rural teenagers

When Charlotte's teenage son heard about the prospect of fibre broadband coming to their village, he made sure that his mum understood his views.

"He was one of the driving forces behind us getting Gigaclear," Charlotte says, “his view was that our internet was absolutely rubbish – it was stopping him doing what he needed to do."

And what he needed to do was connect and create. "Like all teenage boys he enjoys online gaming with his friends," Charlotte explains, "but he's gone on to build his own computer – he couldn't have done either of those things before Gigaclear."

As well as a delighted son, Charlotte and the rest of the family are enjoying the benefits of unlimited ultrafast broadband. "You don't go around the house saying that we can only have two light bulbs on because we don't have enough electricity. Why should it be the same with broadband? It's fantastic to be able to pick up a device and know that it will work."