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Great News! Our ultrafast fibre broadband is coming soon to more than 30 rural villages in Northamptonshire, which currently have no provision and will be wholly covered by ultrafast broadband. This in addition to completing coverage in many other communities which are currently only partially served. We are working with Northamptonshire County Council to deliver parts of the Superfast Northamptonshire Project Stage 3 area. This means that Gigaclear will deliver a new, ultrafast, fibre-to-the-premises broadband network to more than 6,330 properties across the rural areas of the county, and offering broadband speeds from 50Mbps up to 1000Mbps - yes that’s 1000Mbps!

The Superfast Northamptonshire project can only invest public funding in areas that are not commercially viable i.e. no suppliers of Next Generation Access broadband (minimum of 30Mbps) currently available or have planned provision.

If your address is not part of Superfast Northamptonshire plans with Gigaclear, you may be covered by another phase of the Superfast Northamptonshire project. Please visit the Where and When Map on the Superfast Northamptonshire project website to get further information and understand the plans for your area.

Thank you for your interest in Gigaclear and the Superfast Northamptonshire Project.

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