What does the light on top of my node mean?

The light indicates the different status/ activities of your node:

  • Blue (blinking) – This means the node is powering on. Wait for this to go solid blue which means it’s finished powering on
  • Blue – Node is online, and you’re connected to the internet
  • Purple – Ready for setup. Open the Linksys app to complete setup
  • Purple (Blinking) – Setup in progress. Follow the instructions displayed within the Linksys app
  • Red – You’re not online and there’s no internet. Check with your ISP for service interruptions
  • Red (blinking) – Your node isn’t in range of other nodes. Move it closer to your other nodes. If this is your ‘Gigaclear powered by Linksys’ router, make sure that it’s firmly connected to your internal connection point
  • Yellow or Orange – Your node is connected to the internet, but the signal is weak. Move it closer to your other nodes in order to improve the signal

Can I get Gigaclear?

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