My Wi-Fi coverage is poor, what can I do?

To get the best speed over Wi-Fi, please read our Home Networking Guide

The distance over which you can connect devices wirelessly varies dramatically based upon different elements, such as the materials your home is made of and interference from other networks or devices. 

When the router is installed, keep the space between the router, and the areas you intend to connect from, free from large objects including fish tanks, refrigerators and mirrors. Also place the router high up rather than on the floor and not next to thick walls or metal.

You may also be able to improve things using extra kit such as Wireless Access Points or Meshing Nodes or through alternative methods of connection. We now offer new Smart Wi-Fi packages that include mesh Wi-Fi, more information can be found here(Insert link). We are happy to offer you advice and have prepared a guide for you to read that should help. You can download and view it by clicking here

Just send a message to or give us a ring on 01865 591131 if you need to discuss it any further.

Can I get Gigaclear?

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