I'm experiencing slow speeds over my Wi-Fi, what can I do?

To get the best speed over Wi-Fi, please read our Home Networking Guide

Wi-Fi currently cannot compete, in terms of both speed and reliability, with a hard-wired Ethernet cable connection. Speed tests run wirelessly will only show what that device is capable of, not what speed your broadband can ultimately provide. 

For example, if you can browse the web easily on the device then a wireless speed test can hopefully be disregarded. As a guide, 15mb/s is enough for a 4K TV stream and that is ample for any mobile device needs. 

We are happy to offer you advice and have prepared a guide for you to read that should help. You can download and view it by clicking here

Just send us a message to support@gigaclear.com or give us a ring on 01865 591131 if you need to discuss it any further.

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