How can I add an alternative contact to my account?

If you ask Gigaclear to add an alternative contact onto your account, this means you are giving us permission to talk to them on your behalf. They will be able to: 

  • Authorise installation costs 
  • Authorise repair costs 
  • Request to receive an ad-hoc copy of an invoice 
  • Add or remove a fixed IP address 
  • Receive outage notifications 
  • Change the Wi-Fi password 

They will not be able to: 

  • Change the contract (upgrade/downgrade your service) 
  • Cancel the account 
  • Change Direct Debit details 
  • Change the main account holder details

Once the alternative contact has been added to your account, the person named will remain on our system until either you request us to remove them or you cancel your service with Gigaclear. 

Please note that once an alternative contact has been set up, the main account holder will be responsible for any charges incurred or any amendments made to the service in-keeping with those the alternative contact is permitted to make in line with the above criteria. 

If you would like to add or remove an alternative contact, please complete our Alternative Contact form. You can download it by clicking here.    

Should you have any more questions, just send us a message to or give us ring on 01865 591131.

Can I get Gigaclear?

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