Do you make any special arrangements for agricultural land?

We often work with agricultural land owners and this means we are sensitive to their needs and priorities. We keep disruption to a minimum and ensure our equipment does not interfere with the normal use of the land. 

We follow these scenarios: 

Ploughed fields
We generally lay our cable along field verges. However, if we are working on land which may be ploughed, we install our equipment in a manner to be agreed with you.

We respect livestock and work with farmers to make sure both workers and livestock are safe at all times.  

If you know about any water mains or drainage on your land that we may not realise is there, it would be helpful if you could tell us in advance as utility records are not always accurate.

Fishing and Field Sports
We want to help rather than hinder rural businesses and are happy to work around any specific requirements related to fishing and field sports, including the avoidance of specific dates or times.

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Can I get Gigaclear?

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