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I’ve placed an order and I am waiting for installation; how do these changes affect me?

All customers awaiting installation are free to switch to any of the new products to take advantage of the better value for money offered. This includes free standard installation, if your property meets the criteria. You can switch to a new plan by contacting customer services. They’ll need your customer reference number, so please ensure you have this to hand. You can find this on your order confirmation.

What if I decide to do nothing?

No problem that is absolutely your choice, your service speed and monthly charge will be unchanged, until any future price change

When will I see the change on my bill?

If you choose to upgrade then the speed will increase within 28 days, the new price will be reflected in your next invoice on a pro-rated basis for the number of days applicable.

Is this available for business customers?

At this time, we are making changes on residential product plans only

Does this affect any supplementary packages eg fixed IP?

No, if you take any supplementary packages these will be associated with any new product you have chosen

My initial contract term is complete, what are my options

If your initial minimum contract term is complete, then you have a range of options, you can choose to upgrade and benefit from higher speeds or downgrade to a lower speed or just stay on your current plan.

How do I upgrade?

You can switch to a new plan by contacting customer services. They’ll need your customer reference number, so please ensure you have this to hand. You can find this on your monthly invoice.

I am still within my initial contract term, can I downgrade?

No, there is no option to downgrade during your current contract.

Does this change give me a right to cancel?

No, the Ofcom rules about cancellation only apply if your prices are increased for the same service. If you wish to stay on your existing plan, you are free to do so, but if you choose to upgrade, you will pay a lower price for a higher speed connection

If I choose to upgrade to a new product, does it affect my contract length?

If you opt to switch to one of the new products, you will be required to enter into a new contract with Gigaclear. Your previous contract will end and a new contract term of 18 months will commence. Please see our broadband service terms for more information about your rights under the contract.

Why are you making these changes?

Gigaclear is constantly analysing its competitive position and have made the decision to rationalise its range of products (from 4 to 3) and deliver better value for customers. As part of this, we invite existing customers to take advantage of increased speed for a reduced price available with our new products

When can I get Gigaclear?

Please use our postcode checker to find out when you can get our service.

What about telephone and TV?

Our recommended partner Vonage offer a voice over IP (VoIP) phone service, visit to find out more. Alternatively you could use your mobile phone.

When should I cancel my current broadband service?

To avoid any interruption we suggest only cancelling your existing internet service once your Gigaclear connection is up and running. At this point you can inform your existing provider you wish to cancel. If you use an email address provided by your existing ISP check if it will stop working after you cancel. If it does you could move to an email service such as Gmail or Outlook.

What do I need to plan for when using your installer?

Read our installation guide, download now

How do I get the best speed?

For the best speed we recommend connecting directly to one of the LAN ports on your router using CAT6 (or CAT5e) cabling. To get the best speed over WiFi please read our Home Networking Guide, download now.

Improving your WiFi connectivity

To get the best speed over WiFi please read our Home Networking Guide, download now.

Who do I contact for support or if I have a problem?

Our Customer Care team are available 24/7 to provide you with assistance. Phone - 01865 591 131 Email -

If I damage the equipment on my property, what charges will be incurred

When will I receive my first invoice?

You will receive your first invoice the day after your service goes live.

I have not received my invoice, where is it?

All invoices will be sent by email to the address provided when placing your Gigaclear order. If you would like to amend this address, please send the new details to and we will update our records. We can also provide copies of invoices where necessary.

My invoice is incorrect; how do I inform you?

If you think that an invoice is incorrect, please send an email to with a brief description of the error along with your customer reference number. We will then look in to the matter and resolve as appropriate.

What is the activation fee on my invoice?

The activation fee will have been detailed in your order confirmation and is separate from any installation costs you may have paid. This is the standard fee for activating all new customers on our ultrafast fibre network.

When will payment be taken?

We will collect your first monthly payment via direct debit 10 days from the invoice date. All future payments will be collected on the same day as your first payment and your ongoing broadband service will be billed a month in advance.

My direct debit failed, how can I pay?

If we are unable to take payment by direct debit, to clear your outstanding balance a payment can be made by bank transfer, by cheque or using our secure card payment service via the website,

How can I update my direct debit details?

If you need to amend or reinstate your direct debit, please send an email to with the correct details and quoting your customer reference number. We will then update our records.

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