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The rollout schedule in detail

On the rollout schedule for each lot below the completion dates for the cabinets in build are shown together with an indication on whether this date has changed. One cabinet build area will be completed sooner than forecast, and 7 will completed be later than previously forecast.

Pending a satisfactory outcome of our planning and negotiations with CDS, they are retaining public subsidy and we will continue to build parts of the network in the CDS area at our own financial risk, providing substantial investment.

Regrettably this means a further period of uncertainty over the full fibre roll-out; CDS has made it clear to us that this cannot continue indefinitely. Until the program can be fully re-scheduled and then approved by CDS, those areas currently in build can be seen below.

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North Somerset

North Somerset North West Somerset Mid Somerset Exmoor to Sea South Devon and South Hams

Lot 1 - North Somerset


CDS Lot 1 North Somerset

Lot 2 - North West Somerset to Bridgwater Bay


CDS Lot 2 North Coast

Lot 3 - Mid Somerset


CDS Lot 3 Mid Somerset

Lot 5 - South West Somerset to Mid and East Devon


CDS Lot 5 map

Lot 6 - South Devon and South Hams


CDS Lot 6 map

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