Safety Services

4th May 2016

Health and Safety consultancy Safety Services ticks the box for fast broadband with Gigaclear.

As a progressive professional health and safety consultancy, Safety Services UK Limited recognizes the value that technology can bring to differentiate the organisation from the competition and enhance customer service. However a slow copper-based broadband connection meant that Safety Services’ technical ambitions were being constrained. Since moving to Gigaclear’s pure fibre network, Safety Services has been able to embrace cloud technology and remove the bottlenecks which were inhibiting company growth.

Safety Services is based in the village of Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire. The company employs 25 people, the majority of whom are field based. Conducting audits at customer sites accounts for a large part of the Safety Services’ business. To streamline the audit process, Safety Services has developed its own bespoke app so that inspections are logged electronically and can be shared with the customer straight away. The app also means that teams can be better managed as they have all of the client information they need at their fingertips.

The only bottleneck in this process was the slow speed of Safety Services’ broadband network. Jon Austin, commercial director, Safety Services explains:

“Our broadband speeds were so poor that, when multiple people tried to access the network at the same time, it was akin to a using a dial-up Internet connection. We couldn’t send inspection reports as quickly as we’d have liked as the network would become congested, especially when more people tried to connect to it. This slowed the business down.”

Safety Services had been investigating broadband alternatives for some time when Gigaclear announced an intention to roll out its network in the area.

“Not only was Gigaclear the only option, it was the best option,” continues Austin. “We’re getting the fastest network speeds possible. Furthermore, Gigaclear comes in at an acceptable price, especially as I know of businesses paying considerably more for a similar speeds elsewhere.”

In the two years since Gigaclear was installed, Safety Services has been able to reconsider parts of its business that would have not been feasible before.

For example, previously, Safety Services had to conduct its system backups on-site onto removable storage devices which had to be taken home by someone for safe keeping. Not only was this onerous on the individual, but the back-up process itself took hours. Now the company has been able to introduce a virtually instantaneous new cloud-based back-up system which has no impact on network performance and is no longer the responsibility of one person.

Additionally, remote workers and those in the field are able to operate more effectively than before without the hindrance of poor network accessibility.

Customers are now receiving their inspection reports faster than before, in real-time.

“Gigaclear has had an incredible impact on our business and enabled us to become more forward thinking,” concludes Austin. “The old network just slowed the business processes down. By alleviating the problem, we’ve been able to shift everything – from back-up to management systems – to the cloud and become more efficient as a result. Furthermore, Safety Services is in the process of developing an American arm which is all the more achievable by the speed at which we can connect to the network. We were always a web-based business, we’re just now much better at it.”