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Faster Online Payments

For keen walker Nicholas, rural life was losing some of its charm. An ancient aluminium telephone line meant access to the internet was painfully slow and bad weather could lead to days without any connection at all – effectively cutting him and his wife off from the rest of the world.

With even basic phone connectivity proving unreliable, services like iPlayer and Spotify were entirely out of the question and his Smart TV was anything but "smart".

"When Gigaclear presented to our village," says Nicholas, "it became utterly obvious that their service was right for us."

The results have been significant – as Nicholas explains: "We can now bank, shop and use streaming services. The pleasure of it really is the speed - if you want a piece of information you can get it almost instantly."

It's also allowed Nicholas and his walking group to venture further afield: "When I want to download a map for my walking group, it takes seconds – not all night. Thanks to Gigaclear we're getting 4x the maximum speeds that other providers could offer us, we definitely made the right decision."

Can I get Gigaclear?

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