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Sharon is an avid reader with a keen interest in current affairs. She is also registered blind. Sharon's sight loss meant that her reading options were extremely limited – until Gigaclear put her back in control. Here's how Sharon describes her story:

"One of the things I really missed after losing my sight was reading the newspaper, now I can download it to my iPad where I can enlarge the text to read news stories as well as do the crossword and Sudoku. My reading list has changed too – I've gone from big, heavy braille books that are a few years behind to downloading the latest releases to my Kindle and discussing them with my book club."

And it's not just reading that's been transformed for Sharon, life in general has got easier too:

"When you lose your sight, you feel as though everything is being taken away from you one at a time. Gigaclear is giving a lot of those things back – it really has changed my life."

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