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Faster Photo Uploads

Steve's passion for wildlife photography was becoming a problem for his wife - not because of the time he spent studying his favourite subjects, but because of the amount of bandwidth his uploading would consume. Any plans that she had to stream her favourite programmes would be interrupted by buffering as their broadband struggled to upload Steve's files to his cloud backup.

"HD photos are typically around 30/40Mb each," explains Steve, "and our old bandwidth couldn't cope – it once took me 14 hours to save my pictures to Dropbox!"

Since the introduction of Gigaclear, Steve can back up his photos almost immediately and he and his wife have a more harmonious household.

"Gigaclear's service is great," says Steve, "I can code, use OneDrive, stream music and watch tv at the same time without interfering with what my wife wants to do online."

Can I get Gigaclear?

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