When Charlotte's teenage son heard about the prospect of fibre broadband coming to their village, he made sure that his mum understood his views.

"He was one of the driving forces behind us getting Gigaclear," Charlotte says, “his view was that our internet was absolutely rubbish – it was stopping him doing what he needed to do."

And what he needed to do was connect and create. "Like all teenage boys he enjoys online gaming with his friends," Charlotte explains, "but he's gone on to build his own computer – he couldn't have done either of those things before Gigaclear."

As well as a delighted son, Charlotte and the rest of the family are enjoying the benefits of unlimited ultrafast broadband. "You don't go around the house saying that we can only have two light bulbs on because we don't have enough electricity. Why should it be the same with broadband? It's fantastic to be able to pick up a device and know that it will work."

Can I get Gigaclear?

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