Whatever your summer plans, it's a certainty that apps on your smartphone or tablet device will play a huge part in organising days out and enjoying life as the sun (hopefully) shines.

So to help that along, we've compiled our Top 10 apps for the summer holidays and whether you're using them at home with Wi-Fi from your ultrafast broadband or on the move, they're sure to quench your digital thirst as the weather heats up.

TunnelBear - Apple iOS/Android - Limited Free with paid-for subscriptions

TunnelBear is an easy-to-use VPN app helps you browse, stream, and work securely from anywhere. A VPN is what is known as a Virtual Private Network and it ups the security of your mobile and tablet to stop hackers stealing your personal details when you're putting personal information into forms on websites, for example. It's especially useful when connected to public Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi in restaurants/bars as they can be far less secure than your home setup.

Facetune2 - Apple iOS/Android - around £3.99

Who doesn't want to look their best for the summer right? But if lockdown has left you looking pasty and drawn then you could always cheat. This selfie-editing app is huge with high star ratings and allows you to mess around with your skin, smile, eyes and hair to give you that magazine-look without any of the effort. Especially useful if we don't get much sunshine rays and you want to get a fake tan selfie.

LockdownLoo - Website - Free

OK it's not an app but you can access it on the move if you need to spend a penny during your summer days out. This website will come in very handy if so as it has been created to display all of the toilets open right now - as many have been closed and kept shut due to the risk of the virus spreading. For those with health conditions that mean a trip to the toilet is a must when out, it is especially helpful.

Couch to 5K Runner - Apple iOS/Android - Free with in-app purchases

These past few months has been a tale of two sorts of people - those who gave up on fitness and those who got up each morning to train with Joe Wicks. Plenty also used the time to do Couch to 5K, a simple way to get even the non-runners running - and it's not too late to start. This will guide you there over eight weeks so if you start now, you'll be doing 5K by summer end. It really works. Go for it!

Cocktail Flow - Apple iOS/Android - Free with in-app purchases

Sadly, so many of us won't be sitting around a foreign pool this summer sipping cocktails but that doesn't mean we can't still partake in a large glass festooned with umbrellas, straws and a chunky bit of pineapple stuck on the rim. This app has cocktail recipes for all tastes and styles (and all types of alcohol) so you'll soon be mixing your favourite tipple just like Tom Cruise.

Apple Pay/Google Pay - Free and installed by default on device

We were moving to a cashless society anyway but the recent pandemic has certainly sped that up. Now during this summer, it will be harder to pay by cash in some bars, restaurants and attractions. Using either of these apps to store your card details securely on your phone means you can contactless pay for whatever you need with a tap, and it'll save reaching into your wallet/bag every few minutes.

Tasty - Apple iOS/Android - Free

Whether you're entertaining at home, cooking up a storm for yourself or making to take to someone else's garden, you'll be good for summer recipes. Tasty serves up plenty that are, well, tasty! From starters to mains to dessert, you will be spoiled for choice and you'll be pleased to know it takes you through the culinary process step-by-simple-step. You may just need to use Couch to 5K (above) after though.

VoucherCodes - Apple iOS/Android - Free

Money is sadly very tight for some right now but all of us could benefit from saving a few quid during what could be an extended summer break. This app is full of money-off vouchers for everything from food to new summer clothing. It's worth checking first before you buy anything, or go out for meals/drinks, because you're certain to find something on there with a discount to keep money in your pocket.

Splice - Apple iOS/Android - Free with in-app purchases

Video is certainly the new stills photography. From TikTok vids to Instagram Stories and Snapchat, everyone will be showing off what they did this summer by filming footage of it and uploading it to social media. Splice makes editing your mini movies a breeze and allows you to do all sorts of Hollywood-style additions such as music and transitions without needing the knowledge of Steven Spielberg.

eBay - Apple iOS/Android - Free

It's obviously one of the most well-known websites out there but if you're stuck at home more during the summer, why not convert some of that free time into cash. The latest version of the eBay app is so easy-to-use and that makes it so fast to upload everything from clothes to games to DVDs ready to flog. There's money to be made - and you could use it to book your post-COVID summer 2021 holiday.

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