We’ve seen community support pages be so successful that we want to encourage anyone who lives in an area where no such page exists, to create one. 

That’s why we’ve put together the below guide to create your own…

From Mobile

  1. From the mobile Facebook app, click the burger icon on the bottom right and select ‘Pages’ from the list of options.
  2. Click ‘Create’ on the next page, followed by ‘Get Started’
  3. You will then need to input a category. For the purposes of this type Community and select it from the dropdown
  4. You then need to name your page. For example, Abingdon Community Group. On the following page either add a website if you have one, or select ‘I Don’t Have a Website’
  5. You can then add profile and cover images before clicking Done – and away you go!

From desktop

  1. From the desktop Facebook website, click ‘Create’ on the top navigation on your Facebook account, and from the dropdown select ‘Page’.
  2. Select the Community or Public figure option and name your page. Under category write Community and select it from the dropdown.
  3. You can then choose to add profile and cover images, and then your community page is live!

Managing your page

You’ve created a community page, so now you need a community! Start by inviting people you know to join the page and ask people to share the page with people they think it is relevant to.

Now you’re ready to start posting! Encourage people to share, post and engage with the page in the spirit of community support, share tips and make sure that anyone who needs a bit of help knows they can just ask.

If it feels like too much to manage by yourself, it’s easy to add other admins and editors to the page (providing you have a few volunteers!) – just go to Page Settings, the click Page Roles and add whoever you want, to whatever role you want them to have.

Gigaclear support

Once you’ve set up your page, send us a message on Facebook, a DM on Twitter or drop us an email to gigaclear@energypr.co.uk, and we’ll share your page across our social channels and set up some promoted posts for your area.

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